How To Be Calmer During The Open

Are you feeling especially nervous about The Open this year?

Is the hype getting to you?

Do you feel pressure from your own expectations and the scores of others?

Are you finding it hard to unwind, relax and sleep well?

Are you over-caffeinated and under rested?

Are you feeling shitty about yourself after seeing others perform?

Do you want to learn how to go through The Open with a calmer state of mind?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the questions above, ya gotta keep reading.

First off, some worries, frustrations, and doubts are part of doing something that you love and are truly invested in. You can begin to look at your nervousness differently. But, if you’re freaking out and having so many concerns that you’re incredibly anxious or upset most of the week, then it can be different.

You can actually perform your best AND enjoy the experience.

If you’re scanning through social media every free minute you have, and updating the leaderboard all week long, then you’re setting yourself up to be stressed out, overwhelmed and caught up.

If you’re constantly on Facebook groups, chats and texts with those from your box, then you’re likely not creating time to turn off your “CrossFit brain.” It’s a recipe for disaster.

If you’re following what each of your competitors is doing all day on Instagram, watching every CrossFit YouTube strategy video, and only reading fitness-related content, but then wondering why you’re so anxious…ya gotta stop! There is another way.

Better ideas?

Stop trying to keep up with everything on social media, everything your friends or competitors are doing, and everything on The more competitive you want to be, the more you’ll want to rely on your coaches to tell you what’s important to set yourself up for the best performance possible.

So many athletes want to FEEL calmer during this time of year, but they aren’t willing to make any changes.

Are you going to do things a little differently so that you can be confident and more relaxed this season?

What will you implement from the list above?

Comment below.


Top 3 Ways I Can Help You This Open Season

  1. I can help you review your plan, goals, commitments and concerns. Set up a coaching call today
  2. I can help you improve your score when you are going to redo an Open WOD. I will analyze your video and give you feedback on movement quality, strategy, pacing, body language, breathing, and more.
  3. I can help you build a stronger mental game, have greater purpose and motivation, and stay more focused with programs & downloads that will help you.


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