How To Quickly Assess Your Performance


After a workout, take a few minutes to assess yourself and the quality of your session. Do this regularly and you’ll develop incredible self-awareness, you’ll be more focused and therefore less likely to repeat errors in the future. You’ll learn how to push yourself harder and you’ll develop critical lessons to become a more mature athlete.

To be your absolute best, you need to reflect on how you performed and grow because of your experience.

It’s not enough to just do the work, you gotta learn from what you do if you want to keep progressing.

When you assess y0ur performance, take your emotions out of it and be able to look at what you did well and what you want to improve on. Pretend you’re coaching yourself, and give yourself some feedback without getting too high or too low about it.  It’s plain and simple really.

Quickly Assess Your Performance With These 3 Questions

  1. What did I do well during the workout/training session?
  2. What did I learn about myself, my abilities or my strategy?
  3. What do I want to improve on?

Run through your answers in your head, with a coach, or in your training notebook/online notes to create a habit of this. Make it a habit so that you’ll be able to assess yourself more quickly in competitions or events when it matters the most. The more quickly you can learn and move on, the better.

Want to expedite your results? Build more self-awareness through answering journal prompts/questions. I have put together over 100 questions that will help you improve your mental game. Click on the image below


  •  Remote coaching for anyone looking to improve: email for your free assessment

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