Get Real With Your Excuses



It’s time to get honest about what you want and get on a plan for achieving it. If you know it will make you better, or more healthy, then ya gotta start taking steps to get beyond your excuses. Sure, there are hurdles. Yes, there will be some uncomfortable shit as you go after it. No, it’s not gonna be 100% easy or smooth. But guess what? It’s okay. It’s worth it.

1. Pick something that you have been wanting, but aren’t really feeling successful at doing. Pick something that you’re not getting better at doing, or just aren’t prioritizing like you wish you were.

2. Grab a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.

3. Begin writing down all the reasons you aren’t doing it, don’t do it, or haven’t been super successful accomplishing it so far.

4. Don’t finish until you have at least 10 reasons written down. Get real with yourself. Write down ALL of the things you’ve been telling yourself, or others about why you haven’t done it yet, or why you’re not as consistent or successful as you’d like. Dig deep.

You’ll probably have some excuses that are poor, and aren’t really justifiable. Then, there will hopefully be some other reasons that are true, that do actually make it more difficult.

Remember, the more difficult it is, the more rewarding it will be.

Begin to sort through your reasons, and excuses. Seeing them on paper often helps you gain a better perspective.

It’s not getting any easier by putting it off. The longer you wait to commit, get help, attack it, or try a new method…the harder it gets.

Also, what you’re doing, or not doing isn’t working. SOOOO, it’s time to do something DIFFERENT. Yea, maybe you’re a little afraid, or unsure, but that means there is no better time than now to reach out and get some help.

All it takes is a plan, a commitment, some accountability, a new focus, someone to do it with, or a little kick in the ass.



If you’re not feeling as good as you want to feel, let’s set something up. Often, just 1-4 sessions will do the trick. I can help you clarify what you want, and develop a plan to achieve it.

Email me what you want to improve on, and you’ll leave the convo with specific action steps. I can work with you no matter where you live, or what your goal is and I WANT to help you get results. – skype/facetime/phone call/email coaching available.



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