Yoga Pose of the Week – Yoga Squat

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yoga squat yogi squat

At first glance, a Yoga Squat looks almost exactly like our air squat. If it looks the same, what is the difference between the two you ask?

First, the yoga squat is meant to help us find depth and space for our air squat. This means the feet are wider than the shoulders and we are slightly more relaxed at the bottom. Not full butt wink relaxed, just so we’re clear.

Because we aren’t performing this squat under weight, it gives us the free to move around to create space within the hips and ankles. So do that. This pose can be a little more fluid to help you find that space.

Muscles Stretched

Spinal Erectors

Adductors and Inner Groin



Alignment and Execution Tips

Set up your feet wider than your hips with your toes turned out. Preferably, this position is wider than your actual lifting squat to allow for greater depth in the hips.

Drop to the bottom of your squat.

Keep your heels down, the weight back and your torso is upright.

Bring your palms together and press your triceps into your inner knees.

Stay in this squat for about a minute or as long as it takes to feel the hips open up.


Targets the muscles specifically associated with full depth squats and helps the hips mobilize before and after these types of movements

Improves mobility by allowing the body to spend time in this position

WOD Movements

Squats (Front, Back, Overhead)

Box Jumps


Yoga Pose of the Week – Yoga Squat


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