Instead Of Chasing Wins, Do This

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Unfortunately, we can’t control if we win or lose. I bet if we could, well there would be no losing. There would be no letdowns or mistakes, failures or setbacks. We’d always come out on top, we’d always perform up to our expectations.

So, since you can’t control whether you win or lose, would you benefit from focusing on something else?

Yes. In this post I write about how to focus on process goals instead of outcome goals.

Continuing to tell yourself, “I have to win,” “anything outside of first place sucks,” “I need to get on the podium,” or “everything has to go perfectly,” will put a lot of your attention on the outcome and can add unnecessary pressure.

Instead of focusing on getting the win, you can chase INNER VICTORIES throughout your performance. I know it sounds cheesy. Stay with me.

What the hell do I mean?

Inner victories are the wins that no one else knows about. The little battles that go on within, that only you are experiencing.

A major PR in front of a crowd, well everyone knows about that. When you’re first to cross the finish line, it’s a big deal and others see your accomplishment.

But, that moment earlier when your foot slipped as were pushing the sled, and you started to fall behind…and you doubted if you could catch up to the front of the pack…you were faced with a choice.

One option was to dig in, plant your foot and keep on driving no matter what.

Another option was to fall to your knees, shake your head and continue with thoughts that left you upset.

Bottom Line: Throughout any competition, event, or workout, you have defining moments. These quick moments of struggle, doubt, hesitancy, frustration, or fatigue. Your plan isn’t going exactly how you imagined, or you aren’t doing as well as you thought you would. You have these little battles going on inside of your head that NO ONE ELSE knows about. These battles are opportunities. You get to make a choice. 

Instead of focusing on winning, focus on claiming inner victories; the little wins that only you will know about. Focus on perseverance. Claim as many inner victories as you can, and you’ll set yourself up for more PRs, more breakthroughs, more growth, more awards and constant improvement.

Inner victories lead to HUGE successes.


If you want more:

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