Maybe, chasing the Snowleopard

The trailer of the brief documentary that tells the story of the Piedmontese mountaineer Carlalberto Cimenti and his experience in the wild territory of the ex-Soviet Union as he attempts to receive the prestigious ‘Snow Leopard’ prize, awarded by the Russian Mountaineering Federation.

Great Exercises For Your Grip: Part Two

Here are some of the best exercises to take your grip to the next level.

Towel Chin-up

When both hands grip vertical handles or a towel, the hands and forearms need to work hard to maintain the grip.

Make sure to loop two towels over a stable overhead bar or a pull-up bar, then grab the ends with each hand. Place your arms at shoulder level then start doing chin-ups.

Inverted Row

For this routine, the arms need to be strong enough to support your bodyweight. This exercise is a bit easier compared to the hang or pullup as the feet are on the ground and reduces the weight for the lift.

Take hold of a low bar with an overhand and place your hands at level with the shoulders. Pull the shoulder blades back as you bend the elbows as you pull your chest towards the bar. Pause for a moment and reverse the movement to return to the initial position.

Feet- Elevated Inverted Row

This allows the body to shift more weight on the upper torso to help challenge the grip.

With the same low bar as the Inverted Row, rest both feet on a bench, box or ball.

Hammer Curl

Rest the dumbbells in your palms similar to the hammer version, except that you must grip it tightly to keep it from slipping during the routine.

With a pair of dumbbells, allow them to hang at arm’s length with the palms facing inward. Without moving the upper arms, bend the elbows and curl the dumbbells close to the shoulders, hold, then return back to initial position.

Wrist Curl

This targets the wrist flexors, which are the muscles that form the underside of the forearms. This helps the hands in forming a tight fist and ensures vise-like gripping power.

Use a barbell and grip it with both hands shoulder-width. As you kneel in front of a bench, place the forearms on the bench with the palms facing up. Let the wrists bend backwards from the weight of the barbell and curl the wrists upward as you raise your palms towards your body. Reverse the process and return to the initial position.

Wrist Extension

These focuses on the muscles found on the top of the forearms called the wrist extensors. They help enhance contractions to curl the fingers.

With the same position as the wrist curl, make sure your palms this time are facing down as you grip the barbells. Bend the wrist forward from the wrist of the weight then lift the wrists by raising the back of the hands toward the body. Reverse the move to return to the start position.

Hex Dumbbell Hold

The challenge follows the size of the weight. As you hold the head of the hex dumbbells, the intensity needed to grip the weight is focused on the arm muscles below the elbow.

Grip the top of two hex dumbbells with each hand and hold it between 20 to 60 seconds.

Farmer’s Walk

This routine suggests you move forward loaded with weights. Like dumbbells equal to half of your weight.

Take a pair of heavy dumbbells and let it hang at arm’s length by your sides. Try to walk forward for at least 1 minute while gripping the weights.

Plate Pinch Curl

This will test your gripping strength and endurance as you use the power of your fingers and wrist to pinch the weight plates up and prevent it from dropping to the floor.

Pinch two barbell plates with your thumb and fingers with one at each side. Without moving the upper arms, bend the elbows to curl the weight up to your shoulders, them lower it down to the starting position.

Single Arm Landmine Row

As you grab the thick ends of the barbell with one hand, the weight and gripping surface challenges your fingers to secure the grip.

Take the end of the barbell with one hand then bend at your hips and knees to lower the torso. Pull the bar towards your upper abdominals by bending the elbow, hold for a few seconds and reverse to return to the starting position.

These workouts will surely take your grip to the next level and give your grips the strength it deserves.

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Adam Ondra, Yuji Hirayama, Sachi Amma, Klemen Becan, hot climbing action at Flatanger and Oliana

Sport climbing news: on 16/06/2016 at Flatanger in Norway Adam Ondra made the first ascent of the 9a+ climb 120 Degrees. And while the talented Japanese Yuji Hirayama and Sachi Amma ahve now reached this cave, at Oliana in Spain Klemen Bečan from Slovenia has repeated his second 9a+, Papichulo.