A Different Twist On This Gratitude Thing [509]


Gratitude changes everything. If you can be thankful for what you do have, you immediately feel better about what you don’t have. You can improve your perspective, mood, attitude and motivation in seconds. There is true power in expressing gratitude and steering your thoughts to things you can deeply appreciate.

I’ve written about HOW to practice it HERE, but today I have a new twist for you to try.

Normally, when you think about what you’re grateful for, you’ll consider things like what your possessions, your capabilities and your relationships. You may even be thankful for experiences, the natural world or the food you’re eating.

But, to mix it up, try THIS

  • Think through what you’re grateful NOT to be doing, what you’re thankful you DON’T have and what you are glad that you AREN’T currently experiencing

What do I mean? 

  • Can you be grateful that you’re not in a hospital today, not at a funeral, not in a war, not thousands of miles away from your loved ones, not on the streets, not starving? Or maybe you are experiencing any of those things, and you can think through something that you’re glad not to be experiencing.
  • Can you be thankful that today you haven’t been in a terrible accident, you didn’t lose all your possessions, you haven’t had to say goodbye to someone, you didn’t get injured, you didn’t see someone you love suffer? Or maybe you did, but you can consider something that you’re glad you didn’t have to go through alone.

I truly don’t think we stop to realize how blessed we are often enough.

Sure, there are many of us who are currently going through tragedies, deaths, loneliness, sadness, fear and pain. It doesn’t fucking stop and unfortunately it’s all around us. It’s life. I’m not saying trying to dismiss ANY of these situations or suggesting that we shouldn’t grieve or struggle…but, can you be more appreciative of all that you aren’t currently going through?

I often think of HOW MUCH WORSE it could be, and it instantly changes everything.

Are you caught up bitching about things that others would LOVE to be experiencing? Can you recognize that most of your complaints can be quickly dismissed with a new perspective?

Are you feeling just how spectacular it is to have days when you DON’T experience some of the horrible things I mentioned in this post?

Are you able to change your thinking to be appreciative of what you could be going through, but you aren’t?

Simply put, are you practicing gratitude throughout your days to offset the shitty stuff even a little bit? 



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