Yoga Pose of the Week – Plow

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plow yoga pose 1

Before you say no, just hear me out.

Though this Plow Pose looks crazy, it actually feels way better than it looks. It’s an amazing stretch for the muscles along the spine and the neck.

We do need to move slowly into this pose because of the position it puts the head in but sometimes, slower is better.

Muscles Stretched

Upper Trapezius

Levator Scapulae


Back of Neck

Alignment and Execution Tips

Lie on your back. Bring your feet up and over, towards the ground behind your head.

Grab your lower back and draw you shoulder blades and elbows together.

Lower the feet towards the ground (you can bend your knees) until you feel a stretch in the entire length of your spine.

Most of your weight should be in your upper arm bones.

Breathe here for up to 2 minutes, then slowly roll down.


Relieves tension in shoulders, back and neck especially after movements like Handstand Push Ups.

Increases extension of the spine and back muscles.

WOD Movements

Wall Balls

Overhead Squats/Snatches

Handstand Push Ups


You can find out more information on the benefits of yoga and functional fitness at

Yoga Pose of the Week – Plow


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