Yoga Pose of the Week – Extended Puppy Pose

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bridge vinyasa crossfit yoga extended puppy pose yoga pose Extended Puppy yoga pose

Before you say anything about this pose, just try it. It’s one of those poses that once you’re in, you understand why it’s so amazing. Though Extended Puppy Pose leaves little to the imagination, your shoulders and upper back will thank you.

For those of you with tight shoulders in your overhead position, like presses or handstands, this pose encourages the body to release that tension and create space in the areas you need help with most to give you a path towards a more efficient movement.

Muscles Stretched

Latissimus Dorsi
Teres Major
Rotator Cuff Muscles
Deltoid (Middle Fibers)

Alignment and Execution Tips

Kneel on the ground with your toes untucked.

Keep your hips stacked over your knees. Start to walk your hands forward as far as possible.

Press your palms on the ground and keep your forearms lifted. Maintain a slight curve in the lower back as you extend your chest towards the ground.

Feel your arm pits open, your chest broaden and your upper back lengthen.

Hold for 30 seconds and release.


Opens the front of the chest, arm pits, and upper back in prep for Kip Swings, Handstands, and Overhead Barbell work

Stretches the spine and releases tension in the shoulders

WOD Movements

Pull-ups (kipping, strict, muscle, bar)

Overhead Squat and Snatch

Toes to Bar

You can find out more information on the benefits of yoga and functional fitness at

Yoga Pose of the Week – Extended Puppy Pose


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