How To Analyze Your Workout/Open Video [503]

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You can learn a lot about yourself by watching yourself perform on video. It’s best to do this with a coach or training partner who also knows you very well so that you have another set of eyes giving you feedback. When you want to get the best score possible, there are numerous parts of your workout to analyze.

Grab your stop watch, take some notes and become more aware of where you might be able to make up some time to perform a bit better. Remember,watching yourself on video is a valuable tool whether regardless of if you’re doing that event again or not. Continue to look for areas that you can improve on, and appreciate the areas that you crushed!

Aspects of your performance to assess 

  1. Validity – Did you meet the standards in your movement and was your score/time accurate?
  2. Movement – Were you moving as efficiently as possible using solid mechanics?
  3. Pacing – How long did each round take you and how long it took you to complete each movement/set?
  4. Non-work time – How much time did you take for transitions or rest?
  5. Body language and posture – Were you spending precious time bent over, head down, pacing, fidgeting, chalking?
  6. Focus – Were you regularly looking at the judge, the clock, spectators, or all over the place throughout the wod?
  7. Breathing strategy – Were you taking intentional deep breaths throughout?
  8. Response to challenge – How did you respond to a no-rep or frustration during the WOD?

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