Love Your Fears, Anxieties & Frustrations [502]

Fear, anxiety, doubt, frustration, nervousness, and uneasiness. Not typically such fun feelings are they? But, there is one ultimate strategy that will help lessen those feelings immediately.


Instead of trying to “NOT” feel them…you can accept that you are feeling them.

Instead of trying to wish them away, you can embrace that they are part of this thing called life.

Instead of being angry that you’re experiencing them, you can actually learn to love these feelings.

  1. Write down all of the feelings that you “hate” or really dislike feeling
  2. Each time you notice one of those feelings arise, begin to soften your response to it

First, you may feel something, and notice that you’re uncomfortable. Then, the next step is to immediately tell yourself that it’s “okay” to be feeling that way, that it’s temporary and that you accept what’s going on right now inside of you.

As you begin to accept those feelings, you’ll notice they start to lessen. You can eventually even move towards loving ALL of your feelings, and embracing all parts of the human experience, and you’ll feel less controlled by anxiety and fear.

I used to be overcome with panic attacks and my anxiety has often gotten the best of me. I used to try with all of my might to push it away, and be so mad that I had it, and now I take an entirely different stance towards emotions like fear, doubt and anxiety. I still feel anxious, but when I started accepting it and loving that it’s part of who I am, it’s part of a meaningful life… that’s when it stopped controlling me. Sure, it’s still uncomfortable, and I still continue to practice this strategy all of the time, but it’s the best way that I’ve ever found to reduce the discomfort.

Passion often comes with fear.

Desire often comes with frustration and nerves.

Big, important events, pursuits and projects that you care about often lead to some stress and doubt.

Working on relationships and chasing goals both come with a bit of anxiety about the unknown.

See how this works?

Bottom Line: Lean into your feelings, be kind to them. Embrace that they are there, but that they don’t need to RULE your actions and thoughts. Fear and anxiety can be present, you can be okay with them and you can do amazing things WHILE feeling them. They don’t need to be gone in order to go forward. Before you know it, you may even be able to understand them and love them.


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