Yoga Pose of the Week – Bridge

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crossfit yoga pose bridge bridge yoga pose

When we see a pose like this we often think of hip raises or glute exercises, the way to a better looking butt, or so they say. The yoga posture called Bridge Pose, however, goes well beyond all of that. It teaches you a few key body positions, which can help you improve your movement patterns.

Being able to keep the core engaged while in full extension is a staple of almost any Olympic lift. Understanding how to move your shoulder blades together and stretch the chest gives you awareness for almost any upper body movement.

Muscles Stretched

Rectus Abdominis

Transverse Abdominis



Alignment and Execution Tips

Start by lying on your back with your feet planted and hips distance apart.

Walk your heels towards you until you can graze them with your middle fingers.

Keep the heels flat and begin to lift the hips, extending your tailbone towards the back of your knees.

Draw your shoulder blades together. Come onto the backs of your shoulders.

If possible, clasp your hands underneath you.

Press down through your upper arm bones and widen your chest.

Breathe here for up to 30 seconds, unclasp the hands and slowly lower your hips.

Rest for 2 breaths then repeat 2-3 times.


Encourages engagement in rhomboids and awareness of the back body

Warms up the spine and strengthens spinal erectors

Encourages thoracic spine mobility

WOD Movements

Sit Ups (GHD, V-ups, Toes to Bar)



You can find out more information on the benefits of yoga and functional fitness at

Yoga Pose of the Week – Bridge

When you get ready for a high altitude climb, make sure you don’t leave your at home!

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Nanga Parbat: summit and first winter ascent by Simone Moro, Ali Sadpara and Alex Txikon

On Friday 26 February 216 Italy’s Simone Moro, Spain’s Alex Txikon and Pakistan’s Ali Sadpara successfully carried out the historic first winter ascent of Nanga Parbat (8126m, Karakorum, Pakistan). Italy’s Tamara Lunger stopped her bid on the ridge below the summit. Towards 20:00 circa (Pakistan time) all four alpinists returned to Camp 4 at 7100m.

Emily Abbott Defeats Chyna Cho in CrossFit Open 16.1

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Emily Abbott defeats Chyna Cho in crossfit open 16.1

After a 20-minute AMRAP workout which consisted of overhead walking lunges, bar facing burpees and chest-to-bar pull-ups, it was Emily Abbott who defeated Chyna Cho in the CrossFit Open 16.1 announcement throwdown.

The 8th place finisher at the 2015 CrossFit Games was too good for Cho, leading from the front to win the very first live workout announcement of the 2016 season, at NorCal CrossFit in California a short time ago.

Both athletes went rep for rep in the early stages of the AMRAP before Abbott started to pull ahead, going unbroken in the chest-to-bar pull-ups, ripping through the eight reps with ease.

Emily Abbott defeats Chyna Cho in crossfit open 16.1

Just when she looked like pegging Abbott back, Cho copped a few no reps in the overhead lunge to see her slip even further behind.

Both athletes were steady the entire workout, moving easily though the lunges and burpees and going unbroken though the chest-to-bar pull-ups for the first half of the workout. It was toward the end when Cho started to break them up while Abbott only did so in her final set.

In the end Abbott completed 11 rounds and was just starting her 12th when the 20 minute time cap expired. Cho was still on her 10th round and finished 11 reps behind her.

Emily Abbott defeats Chyna Cho in crossfit open 16.1 3

The final scores reading:

Emily Abbott – 290 reps

Chyna Cho – 279 reps

For the full description of 16.1 you can find the workout here, and the full breakdown for all divisions on the Games website which can be found by clicking here.

Emily Abbott Defeats Chyna Cho in CrossFit Open 16.1

CrossFit Open 16.1 – Workout Announced!

The Rx Review: Reporting on Fitness and CrossFit News, John Michael Bric

crossfit open 16.1 new

The first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Open has been released! Games Director Dave Castro revealed the movements of CrossFit Open 16.1 during a live announcement at NorCal CrossFit just moments ago.

The workout is as follow is a 20 minute triplet AMRAP and consists of:


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

25 Foot Overhead Lunge (95lb./65lb.)
8 Bar Facing Burpees 
25 Foot Overhead Lunge (95lb./65lb.)
8 Chest-To-Bar-Pullups

It’s the first time in the history of the CrossFit Open we have seen the Overhead Lunge included in the program and it is also the longest workout (20 minutes) in the history of the Open.

Now it’s time to watch Chyna Cho (6th place finisher at the 2015 CrossFit Games) and Emily Abbott (8th place finisher at the 2015 CrossFit Games) battle it out in the first official 16.1 throwdown!

CrossFit Open 16.1 – Workout Announced!

Piolets d’Or 2016: Wojciech Kurtyka to receive Piolet d’Or Carrière and the ‘big list’ of elite alpinism

52 climbs carried out in 2015 have been included in the “Big list” of the Piolets d’Or, the prestigious mountaineering award that will be celebrated between 14 – 17 April 2016 at La Grave – La Meije in France. During the 24th edition, Polish mountaineer Wojciech Kurtyka will receive the Piolet d’Or Carrière – Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pico Pirineos in Mexico, new rock climb at Monterrey by Giupponi, Oviglia and Larcher

Rolando Larcher, Maurizio Oviglia and Luca Giupponi have made the first ascent of “El lobo del desierto”, a new rock climb up the East and North Faces of Pico Pirineos, the massive towers above Monterrey in Mexico. Established over 5 days and freed by the Italians, the route is 12 pitches long (470m) and is graded 7c (5.12d). The big wall was climbed ground-up without using aid between one bolt and the next, despite requiring plenty of cleaning.