Awesome Basketball Training Tips Better On-Court Movement

Training and more training is the key to become a top level basketball player. Learning, as they say, never stops and the same can be said when it comes to hooping. These non-traditional yet very effective basketball training tips are ideal for players and coaches who want to improve their game and add more dimensions to their training but don’t want to boxed in by traditions and conventions.

If you look to get your basics in place prior to the start of the season, then these training tips and techniques published the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UMPC) are great for starters.

​Basketball Training Tips and Techniques

Ideally, training for basketball season starts three weeks before the beginning of the season to build a base of strength and conditioning. For most recreational athletes, this may not be realistic time wise, however, even minor conditioning is better than none at all. Read more…

Aside from movement and body strength, a chief concern for many players is their grip strength, which is necessary for palming the ball. Palming may not be a necessary skill as there are a number of players who perform at a high level but can’t palm the ball, but it is a talent that can actually influence one’s performance and also the outcome of the game. This is why a number of pointers are dedicated on palming.

Robin Raven of Arizona Central shares a few tips on how one can improve his gripping skills.

How to Improve Finger Strength to Palm a Basketball

A player needs extraordinary finger strength because he will most often be using a pinch grip to transfer, palm, move and throw the basketball. Building up his finger strength can bring visible results on the court. 
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More on palming the ball, the video below reveals a few tips on how you can do it even if you have small hands.

Liquid Grip provides users with topnotch grip and traction that enables them to have that reliable and long-lasting hold. This product has many applications, including basketball, where players benefit from a strong grip as this allows them to have better control over the ball, which in turn, enhances their overall performance.

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