6 Reasons You’re Not Enjoying Your Training [476]


Do you dread your workouts? Are you feeling like it’s just “not fun” anymore? Are you simply not enjoying yourself when you’re at the gym?

First off, I’m definitely not suggesting that every day is going to be a fucking blast. You’re going to have days that feel like a grind, and that you don’t want to be there. Each training session is not going to be 100% enjoyable.

But, if you’re really not looking forward to your training and not enjoying yourself while you’re there MOST of the time, then something is up.

  • If you don’t enjoy it, it’s going to be incredibly challenging to stick with it as a lasting habit.
  • If you’re dragging through training, you’re definitely not going to be giving the type of effort and intensity that you could be.

1. Your attitude. Are you constantly bitching, complaining, moping or talking down to yourself while you’re at the gym?

2. Your environment and the people around you. Are the people around you dragging you down with their attitudes? Is there a ton of drama and gossip going on around you?

3. Your training plan. Are you dragging through a plan that you don’t feel is working for you? Do you dislike every part of your workout?

4. Your coach(es). Does your coach ignore you or make you feel discouraged? Do you think that relationship could be better?

5. Your life stress. Are you feeling overwhelmed as hell? Are there some personal things going on that are taking a lot of your emotional-energy?

6. The grind. Are you over-training? Have you been taking breaks to become restored and rejuvenated?

If you can’t change anything, you can change your mindset…and you can always step away to reassess.

Is it time for you to make a change? Read this one to prepare yourself.

What could you do a little differently today, or this week to try to enjoy your training more? Read this one for more.

Could you use a break, or a change of pace?


How To Use Your Fitness For A Bigger Purpose [475]

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STOP! Before you read any more, take 1 minute to check out this post “Be Careful With Self-Improvement” so that you can get the gist of what I’m talking about today.

When you’re motivated and passionate, it’s easy to become hyper-focused on your fitness goals and your training program. Here are some suggestions for you to give back, help others and use your fitness to make an impact.

6 Ways To Use Your Fitness For A Greater Purpose 

1. Write a blog post, an Instagram post, or a Facebook post. Share your story, talk about what you’ve had to overcome, how your priorities have changed, why and how you stay committed and inspire others with your struggles, your purpose and your goals.

2. Get involved with an established fundraiser. There are many groups that train for events together, run races together, and have created ways for to get involved in giving back.

3. Create your own event or challenge to raise money or bring awareness to something near to your heart.

4. Volunteer with or coach others who could benefit from your education, passion, experience, care or athletic capabilities. You don’t need to be the best athlete to do this…you just gotta love on people and encourage them.

5. Use your physical strength to volunteer with a project that involves some labor (build, move, tear down, carry, etc.). If you’re capable and healthy, then you could be very helpful to projects that take some muscle.

6. Become an accountability partner to a friend or family member who could use your support. Set up regular check-ins and keep him or her on track with your support.


What are you doing with your fitness? Share below how you’re helping others or making an impact.

Have another idea or a cause that you want me to mention in social media? Email dawn@mentalitywod.com



Sport climbing and the Olympics, the dream is becoming a reality

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee announced today that it has proposed 5 sports to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), including sports climbing. The other sports are: baseball/softball, karate, skateboard and surfing. All that is missing now is final ratification by the IOC when in meets in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016.